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Rain forest Save us!

Urgent News...
CALLS TO THE SENATE NEEDED! The lawless logging amendment expected to be offered by Senators Larry Craig (ID) and Pete Domenici (NM) just got even worse!

The Craig-Domenici forest fire legislation, which guts environmental laws in the name of protecting communities from fire, now includes language ATTACKING AMERICAS RAINFOREST in the Tongass National Forest a place where there are no fires!

Ask your Senators to OPPOSE the Craig-Domenici Forest FIRE Amendment! (U.S. Capitol Switchboard, 202-224-2131).

Did you know that by choosing shade grown organic coffee, you can save the rainforests?
Starbucks and other big coffee companies do not use shade grown coffee beans. You can make a difference by choosing organic shade grown coffee!
Please visit the site below for more information.

Listed under Take Action, you can click on websites to save the Rainforest. Please visit the link below for more information.

Take even more action with the Rain Forest Action Network  link below.

The world's rainforests are currently disappearing at a rate of 6000 acres every hour (this is about 4000 football fields per hour).   When these forests are cut down, the plants and animals that live in the forests are destroyed, and some species are at risk of being made extinct.  Further, as the large-scale harvesting of lumber from the rain forests continues, the balance of the earth's eco-system is disrupted.  We need the rain forests to produce oxygen and clean the atmosphere to help us breathe.  We also know that the earth's climate can be affected, as well as the water cycle.  Rainforests also provide us with many valuable medicinal plants, and may be a source of a cure from some deadly diseases. 
logging trucks carry
away trees that have
been cut down.

Forests can be managed effectively without endangering rare species of plants and animals and without risking global environmental damage.  Companies that harvest timber should not be allowed to "clear cut" large areas of forest and should be required to plant new trees after they cut old trees down.  Governments should create large parks and reserves where hunting and logging are not allowed.  As a world community, we must be careful not to destroy the resources that people will need in the future.

Many animals from the rainforests are brought to our country illegally.  Parrots and iguanas, for example, are often imported illegally.   We should not buy these animals, since that encourages other people to bring in more animals.
Villagers in a rainforest burn
trees to make charcoal.
Most of the products that we use in our country come from rainforests, such as rubber, coffee and rain forest lumber.  Rainforests are cut down to harvest the timber and also to make room for farms to grow coffee and spices.   Each of us needs to be thoughtful about the way we consume these products, and support companies and programs that make a commitment to safe environmental practices.  Recycle and re-use whenever possible, and help keep the earth green and healthy. 

The biggest thing you can do to save the Rainforest is~
Here are some fun Vegan recipes~
Great recipes from Ellie at The Gentle Barn in Los Angeles-
Thanks Ellie!

Cut recipe on half, or it makes enough for a party.

8 cups water
2 cups lentils (Better when they're the larger, middle eastern ones)
1 cup cracked wheat (coarse bulgar)
salt & pepper to taste
4-5 garlic cloves (optional)
med onion chopped
1 tablespoon oil
lemon to flavor

Cook lentils in in water (uncovered). Add garlic, salt & pepper. Boil for 20 minutes. Add cracked wheat. Boil for another 15 minutes. While boiling, fry chopped onion in oil. (Water in lentils should steam off completely.) When all is done, add chopped onion & oil & mix. Salt & pepper to taste (if needed)
Serve with lemon. Also good with yogurt. Pita bread is good to stuff. Good hot or cold. I prefer it hot.

Taco and Taquito Treats!
1 tube of Gimme Lean! original flavor (or your
favorite textured protein - it has to be
mushy and moldable)
1 small onion, finely diced
a pinch or more(depending on preference) of the
garlic salt (or 1 clove of fresh garlic, minced)
chili powder
black pepper
3 dashes of your favorite hot sauce
1 package of organic corn totillas
enough canola oil for frying

Place the Gimme Lean, onion, spices in a large bowl. By hand, mash them together until mixed well. Press a small amount of the filling onto one side of a corn tortilla and repeat until you run out of mixture.

In a large skillet, heat the canola oil until hot. Slide a taco into the oil and when the tortilla is softened, using tongs and a wooden spoon, fold the shell over the filling to make a taco shape. Fry on both sides until desired crispiness is reached. Remove onto paper towels to drain of excess oil.

Serve with homemade guacamole and salsa and anything else you like with tacos. *You can also par cook the tortillas till soft, drain on paper towels, place a couple teaspoons of filling off center of one side of tortillas, roll into taquitos. Secure with a toothpick and fry till crispy.

Best (& Easiest) Chocolate Pudding
1 10 1/2-oz package silken tofu (firm), crumbled
2 /3 C unbleached cane sugar
1/3 C unsweetened cocoa powder
2 t vanilla extract
pinch of salt

Place all the ingredients in a food processor fitted
with a metal blade and process until smooth, creamy, and thick. Chill in the refrigerator until serving time.

Emmy's Vegan Chocolate Cake
Emmy served this cake at the January potluck. This is a beautiful cake! The chocolate frosting is glossy, the cake is rich and moist. Everyone was scraping their plates and licking their fingers!!

2 C. sugar
1 3/4 C. all purpose flour
3/4 C. cocoa powder
1 1/2 t. baking soda
1 1/2 t. baking powder
1 t. salt
2 enerG egg replacer "eggs"
1 C. soy milk
5 T. vegetable oil
2 t. vanilla
1 C. boiling water

Preheat oven 350
Grease pans
Mix sugar, flour, cocoa, b. soda, b. powder, salt
Then stir in egg replacer and soy milk mix well
Add veg. oil, vanilla beat 2 min.
Add boiling water, mix well and pour into pans
Bake 35-40 min.

Choco Frosting
4T. veg oil
1/2 C. cocoa powder
2 2/3 C. powdered sugar
1/3 C. soy milk
1 t. vanilla
Mix all ingredients until well blended

Chef Sherril's Cranberry-Pear Pie
For the filling:
5 cups peeled and cored pears, cut into 1/4-inch
1 1/2 cups fresh (or frozen and thawed) cranberries
4 Tbsp. sugar
1 Tbsp. margarine, melted
1 tsp. ground cinnamon

1 deep-dish pie crust, unbaked

For the crumb topping:
1/2 cup sugar
3/4 cup flour
1/2 cup margarine, at room temperature

Preheat the oven to 375 degrees F.

Place all of the filling ingredients in a large bowl and stir well, making sure the pears are evenly coated with the cinnamon. Transfer the mixture to the pie crust.

For the crumb topping, mix together the sugar, flour, and margarine until crumbly. Add small amounts of flour, if necessary, until small crumbs form. Sprinkle the crumbs over the pie, covering completely.

Bake at 375 degrees F for 10 minutes. Reduce the oven temperature to 325 degrees F and bake for about 30 more minutes, or until the crumb topping is golden brown and the pears and cranberries are soft (test with a toothpick). Let cool for at least 1 hour before serving.
Makes 8 servings.

Mandarin Tofu Spinach Salad
1 bag baby spinach
1 can Mandarin oranges, drained
1/2 cup unsalted cashews
1/2 cup celery, diced
9 ounces smoked terriyaki tofu cubes

Toss all ingredients with your favorite Chineese sweet and sour dressing and serve.

Todays Traditional Indian Pudding
4 c. rice or soy milk
1/2 c. cornmeal
1/2 c. light molasses
3 tblsp. melted margarine
1/2 c. maple syrup
1/2 tsp. each salt, ginger & cinnamon
1 cup raisins

Preheat oven to 325 degrees.
Greese a 2 quart baking dish. In a large pot, scald milk and add cornmeal a little at a time stirring constantly to prevent lumps.
Bring to a boil then reduce to low and simmer for 15 minutes, stirring constantly.
Stir in molasses, margarine, maple syrup, salt & spices. Continue stirring cooking about 5 minutes longer. Remove from heat and stir in raisins.
Pour into baking dish and bake for 2 1/2 hours. Serve warm.

Chef Sherril's Caramel Apple Non-Cheesecake (honestly - it is FAB!!!)
Grease the bottom and sides of a 10" springform pan. Pre-heat oven to 350 Degrees.

1-1/2 c. graham cracker crumbs
1/2 c. ground hazelnuts (or your favorite nut)
1/4 stick melted margarine

Press into the bottom of greased pan.

In a heavy bottomed sauce pan, over a medium heat, melt 14 oz. carmels with 4 oz. rice or soy milk. Blend well and pour over crust.

32 oz. drained firm tofu
1 c. sugar
3 tsp. flour
4 tsp. vanilla
1-1/2 c. chopped apples

Beat the tofu, sugar, flour and vanilla until well blended and smooth. Fold in the apples. Pour the mixture over caramel and bake at 350 degrees for 30 minutes, or until set. Serve chilled.

Chef Sherril's Tofu Custard
1 package tofu
4 slices of your favorite bread
1 cup sugar

Open tofu package and pour off liquid. Place wet tofu, bread, and sugar in a large bowl and slightly mash with your hands. This is actually fun! Rinse hands and put the tofu mash in a food processor or blender and blend till smooth and lump free. Pour custard into a greased baking dish and bake at 350 degrees for 20 minutes. Options- you can bake in a water bath for an airy custard or pour unbaked custard into dessert dishes and place right into your fridge. Use firm tofu for a firm custard or soft tofu for a soft custard. You can also replace the sugar with brown sugar, brown rice syrup, all fruit jam, and so on. Just make it - it is really great!

Soy Smoothie
3 cups soy or rice milk
1 ripe banana
1 cup strawberries, fresh or frozen

Mix together in a blender and serve.
Makes 3 - 10 oz. servings.

Bolognese Sauce
2 cups (8 oz. by weight) ground soy "meat"
2 garlic cloves, minced
1 Tbsp. olive oil
1 can (28 oz.) diced tomato
1 can (16 oz.) tomato paste
1 cup chopped mushrooms or zucchini (optional)
1/2 cup water
1/3 cup chopped fresh basil (or 2 tsp. dried basil)
1/4 tsp. red pepper flakes

Heat oil in large saucepan. Add ground soy "meat" and garlic and stir over medium heat for four to five minutes. Add remaining ingredients. Cook over medium heat for 10 minutes or until thoroughly heated. Serve over your favorite pasta.
6 - 5 cups servings

Banana Berry Bash
2 large, very ripe bananas, peeled, cut into 3-4 chunks, frozen
1/4 cup soy or rice milk
Maple syrup to taste
1/2 cup blueberries or other diced fruit

Place bananas, soy or rice milk and maple syrup (or other sweetener) into food processor or blender, and process until thoroughly pureed. Drop a few blueberries in the bottom of two dessert dishes, then spoon about a third of the banana mixture on top. Repeat and top with blueberries. Serve immediately.
Servings: 2

Couscous with Italian Salsa
1 cup diced fresh tomatoes
3 Tbsp. chopped fresh basil
1 Tbsp. balsamic vinegar
1 Tbsp. olive oil
1/2 tsp. sugar
2 clove garlic, minced
1 tsp. Kosher salt

1 Tbsp. olive oil
2 cups small broccoli flowerets
1 package Near East Roasted Garlic & Olive Oil couscous

In small bowl, stir salsa ingredients together. Season to taste with salt and pepper; set aside. In large skillet, heat 1 Tbsp. oil over high heat. Add broccoli; cook 5 minutes, stirring frequently. Stir in 1-1/4 cups water and contents of spice sack; bring to a boil. Remove from heat. Stir in coucous; cover. Let stand 5 minutes and fluff with a fork. Top with salsa and serve.

Chef Sherril's Mud Puddle Cake
3 C all-purpose flour
2 C granulated sugar
2 t baking soda
2 t salt
6 t baking cocoa
3/4 C canola oil
2 T vinegar
2 t vanilla extract
2 C cold water

Sift all the dry ingredients into a large bowl. Give each child a fork and tell them to slowly combine all the dry ingredients utnil blended.

Level out the dry mixture and make three wells. In the center well, pour in the oil. Pour the vinegar into the second, and the vanilla extract into the third. Pour the cold water over everything!

Let your helpers use their forks to mix it all together. The combination of the oil and water and vinegar will give a mud puddle texture to the batter.

Pour into your choice of non-stick sprayed baking pans and bake in a pre-heated 350 degree oven for 35 to 40 minutes. Serve with a powdered sugar and rice milk glaze!!