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Furry Angels by Angela Elliott, Homeopath and Holistic Animal Practitioner

Life is a precious thing. So much to do. So much to appreciate. Smell the roses, make friends, snuggle with a loved one, play in a park with your dog. Just a few of life's many treasures. Hopefully, your pet is one of them. Dogs have so much to share with us and such a short time to do it in. Many of us get wrapped up in our busy schedules and we take our pets for granted. The dog is the ever loving, forgiving saint. Recently, I was involved in a dog rescue. The puppies involved were never fed, given water, love or shelter, yet they remained loyal to their owner and the house. They were wagging their tails whjen the rescue took place like nothing ill-willed had ever taken place. Amazing isn't it? What if we honored our dogs more? What if we devoted more time to them doing simple things they enjoy, like tossing a ball or a frisbee? What if we made the choice to slow down a bit to witness life and all it's miracles?

The following is a tribute to Man's best friend, the dog.
Thank you for all you do. Thank you for always being there.
Thank you for your generosity, kindness and endless supply of kisses. My life is richer because of you.
I love the way you love me. I love the way you slurp your water and then fill my face with wet kisses. I love your scent, like gingerbread, only sweeter. I could bury my face in your fur forever. The sparkle of your eyes, the wag of your happy tail, your toothed smile make my world go 'round.
Your undying loyalty, so genuine and true. My life is safe and secure because of you. The way you curl up and snuggle the whole night through, bring inner giggles and outbursts of joy. Thank you for choosing me. You are my "furry" angel from the sweet heavens above. To be with you is better than all the ice cream in the universe! I love you for you are my best friend and my pot of gold at the end of the rainbow.

Vegetarians in Paradise regularly presents informative articles by guest contributors on subjects of interest to vegetarians and vegans. This month we feature Marr Nealon who is sharing her experiences with pet resources. Marr is a vegan educator who was president of Voice for a Viable Future from 1996 to 2001. She served as chairperson of EarthSave Los Angeles form 1994 to 1999 and is currently Co-Executive Producer of the Mad Cowboy documentary.

Vegan/Holistic Pet Resources

By Marr Nealon

Dogs are omnivores, thus are very easy to feed vegetarian. Some of the vegan dog foods have been on the market for well over 20 years. Cats are true carnivores, but with food or supplements that contain plant or synthetic forms of nutrients they mandatorily need like Vitamin A, taurine, and aracidonic acid, they can be healthy vegans.

Cats are harder to switch to a vegan diet because they are usually pickier eaters. Dogs will like most all vegan "people" food. Cats usually like avocado, cantaloupe, watermelon, peas, corn, oatmeal, and seitan ( a fake meat substance made from wheat gluten that should be chopped into very small pieces).

If you choose to feed meat to your companion animal, you would provide a healthier meal by adding fresh, raw, organic meat to fresh vegetables and grains or to vegan commercial pet food.

Rendered products go into the majority of meat-based pet foods. Rendered ingredients will be listed on the label as by-products or -meal (meat by-products, chicken by-products, bone meal, fish meal, etc.). As stated in the book Mad Cowboy: Plain Truth from the Cattle Rancher Who Won't Eat Meat by Howard Lyman, the following items go into the "blender" at the rendering plant: ground-up dead horses, euthanized dogs and cats (from pounds and vets' offices), pigs, chickens, turkeys, and the blood and fecal matter of cows and chickens. This mixture goes into farm animal feed as well as into pet foods.

It's great to give our pets as much organic raw veggies and fruits as they want. They don't chew their food well, so it's smart to blend it in a food processor or Vita-Mix. You can soak almonds overnight in water (or for just a couple hours), rinse well, and then blend them into a mix of romaine, celery, carrots, and broccoli, or any other veggies you discover that they like.

Dogs usually love many types of fruit: pear, apple, watermelon, grapes, cantaloupe, banana, avocado, papaya, and mango. To facilitate your pet's digestion and assimilation, you should mash the fruits or chop them finely. In my experience dogs do better on veggies than on fruit, so I only give fruit occasionally rather than daily.

It became apparent to me that my dog had to be allergic to the wheat in the dry food and dog treats. His skin became very dry, and he was constantly itching (somewhat common in small long-haired dogs). The skin problem ended a month after he was placed on whole, fresh, 100% organic blended produce.

Because it's hard to know whether they are absorbing enough nutrients from their food, you may want to consider adding one of the supplements below.


Evolution vegan dog, cat, and ferret food
287 East 6th Street, St. Paul, MN 55101
Phone: Dr. Eric and Lynn Weisman at 800-659-0104

Wet and dry vegan cat and dog food. Cats seem to love the dry. Dogs love both. Only available by mail. Cheaper in bulk. You may want to order with a friend. Also available at Please mention code #z9924sid3.

Pet Guard vegan wet dog food
Available in all health food stores. The old label is bright green with a collie on it; the new label is green and tan with a yellow lab on it. They do not make a veg dry food.

Natural Life vegetarian dog food.
Available in all health food stores in 4-lb. and bags. Labeled vegetarian, but it is vegan. They also make a wet food that tends to be overly moist. It gets stuck on the roof of my dog's mouth.


Joyful Hands organic, gourmet handmade biscuits by mail
Phone: 619-440-4361 or 619-933-2664
Kitty Treats, Doggie Donuts and Pet Birthday Cakes


Joyful Hands
Phone: 619-440-4361 or 619-933-2664
Carries 100% organic Cosmic Greens, Customized Hip/Joint Care, EFA, oils, herbal "antihistamine" powder, anti-itch spray, enzyme shampoo, flower essences, ear treatment
Tell Angela "Boo" sent you. (Boo is Marr's animal companion.)


Joyful Hands Holistic Pet Care


Pedan, James, Vegetarian Cats and Dogs available at

re-Bow,Verona and Jonathan Dune, Vegetarian Dogs available at http://www.vegetarian

For a great article on the dangers of vaccines see

Disclaimer: I am not a vet. I am a vegan educator. I am simply sharing 17 years of experience in seeking out the above foods. Use this list at your own discretion. I claim no responsibility. In my experience, the results have been extremely positive. If you have questions, contact Marr Nealon at Respect for Life Productions: 818-509-1255 or

Newspaper articles

Pet Friendly Travels ( BACK BY POPULAR DEMAND!) March 2001
by Angela Elliott, Homeopath

It's spring! So many things to do and places to see. But what about the pets you say? Have no fear, the answer to your dream vacation with pooch is here. We've got you covered from the hottest spots in California all the way to Oregon. From hotels to shopping, your pet is welcome at a variety of places throughout California.
Always remember that your traveling pet needs extra TLC. Pets traveling in the car need plenty of potty breaks, fresh water, fresh air, snacks, and a comfortable place to reside during your long trip. With all these things considered it is time to embark on your fabulous journey. So without further ado, here is a list of pet-friendly places.

Pet friendly stores
The Athlete's foot
Crabtree & Evelyn
The Discovery channel store
Edwards luggage
Hear music
Ritz cameras
Pottery barn
Sharper Image
Barnes & Noble bookstores
Galerie Blue Dog (art gallery in Santa Monica)

Pet friendly hotels
in Big Bear
Shore acres lodge
Eagle's nest lodge
Robinhood Inn
Grey Squirrel resort
Timberline lodge
Wildwood resort

in Carmel
Best western Carmel mission Inn
Carmel county Inn
Carmel Tradewinds Inn
Carmel Valley lodge
Cypress Inn
Vagabond house Inn

in Los Angeles, Hollywood area
Hotel Sofitel

in San Francisco
Hotel Monaco

in Oregon, Klamath Falls
Cimarron motor Inn ($5 one time fee for pets)

in Oregon, Cannon Beach
Surfsand resort (Oregon Coast's finest resort with spectacular views of Haystack Rock and the Pacific Ocean)

Pet friendly Restaurants
in Big Bear
Belotti's Bakery and Pizza
The Dawghouse
Pine Knot Coffee House and Bakery
Village Pizza

in Carmel
Le Coq D'or

in Los Angeles
Atrium restaurant
Comedy store
Green street restaurant
Hydrant cafe
Pasadena Baking
Picasso's cafe
Wok N Roll

in San Francisco
Beastro by the bay

in Oregon, Cannon Beach
The Local Scoop ( Major dog friendly!!)

Pet friendly attractions
in Los Angeles
Griffith park train ride
Silverlake puppy park
Recreation park dog park
Griffith park

in San Francisco
Golden gate bridge walk
ghirardelli square shopping center

Pet friendly Parks and recreation
in Yosemite national park
Yosemite national park hotel accomodations
Historic Groveland hotel
The Mariposa lodge
The Redwoods in Yosemite

in San Francisco
Golden Gate dog run
Lafayette park/dog run

Proper pet etiquette
(yes, there is such a thing! )

* Always be sure to keep your pet on a leash except in dog parks.
* Please when staying at pet friendly hotels and it is time to take Fido for a walk, do so in a far off place.
* Clean up after Fido!
* Never leave your pet alone in your hotel room and always keep the "do not disturb" sign out and the deadbolt locked to protect your dog.
* Before taking your dog to the stores listed, try taking your dog to a local pet store to be sure he/she can behave properly in a retail setting.

More Pet Friendly Travels
by Angela Elliott, Homeopath
Escape to the great outdoors with your "furry" kids! Nature abounds around every corner. There are pet friendly campgrounds and parks all over California just waiting for you to explore them. The following is a list of wonderful places to see and experience. So, what are you waiting for? Pull out those dusty hiking boots and get trekkin'. Happy Trails!

Borrego Palm Canyon Campground
1/2 mile from Borrego springs, 619-767-5311

Anza Borrego Desert State Park
600,000 acres of scenic desert and primitive camping, 760-767-5311

Granite Springs Primitive Camp
4.5 miles on East Mesa Fire Rd. off Hwy. 79

Mt. Gower
17090 Gunn Stage Rd, Ramona
primitive camping, reservations only, 858-694-3049

San Elijo State Beach
on Hwy. 101, 2 miles south of Encinitas, 760-753-5091

South Bay Biological
on Siver Strand, between Coronado and Imperial Beach. Salt water marsh, no camping, hiking only!

Sweetwater Summit Park
6135 San Miguel Rd, Bonita
equestrian campsites available, 858-565-3600

Sycamore/ Goodan
primitive day use, no camping, great hiking and riding trails, 858-694-3049

Tijuana River Valley Park
day use only, hiking, equestrian trails, bird watching, 858-694-3049

Wilderness Gardens Preserve
day use only, small wilderness area, 858-694-3049

William Heise Park
camping and sightseeing, 858-694-3049

Lake Morena
camping and trails, 858-694-3049

More People's Co-op and other local newspaper back issue articles by Angela Elliott coming soon!

Animal CPR by Angela Elliott
It is always good to know CPR in the unlikely event that your pet may have an accident.Knowing CPR might just save her life. The following instructions, based on the "pet first aid" manual are not intended to take the place of professional veterinary care. AIRWAY The first step is to check the animal's airway, does the animal have an open airway? If the answer is no, open the airway by laying the animal down on her side. Gently lift her head back to extend her neck and head carefully pulling her tongue between her front teeth. Using your finger, check for and remove any foreign matter from the mouth. If the animal is breathing, make her comfortable and follow the steps for circulation. If she's not breathing, open the airway. With her head and neck extended, hold the animal's nose with her mouth closed. Inhale and exhale. Watch for chest expansion as you blow. Give four or five quick breaths and then release the seal to allow your pet to breathe on her own. CIRCULATION Continue artificial respiration if your pet's breathing does not resume or if the breathing is shallow or irregular. For a small animal like a cat, offer 20 to 30 breaths per minute. For a medium or large dog give 20 breaths per minute. Continue this, if necessary, until you receive veterinary assistance. If there's no heartbeat or pulse, perform chest compressions. Lay your pet down on her right side and kneel next to her with her chest facing you. Place the palm of one hand over her ribs at the point where the elbow touches the chest. Place your other hand underneath her right side. In a smooth and rhythmic fashion, firmly compress the chest at a rate of two compressions a minute. For animals less than 20 pounds, compress the chest one half to one inch. For larger animals, use three to four inch compressions. Release your grip after each compression. Don't use excessive force or you could injure the ribs or internalo organs. After every 10 compressions, perform another artificial respiration. Continue CPR until your pet has a strong heartbeat and pulse, or until you obtain veterinary care. It is strongly suggested that all pet owners take an animal CPR class, doing so might give your pet a better chance to survive. To find out more about animal CPR classes in your area, call your local humane society or a local chapter of the American Red Cross.

Have you lost a loved one recently? Hopefully this poem will bring you some comfort. I recently wrote this as a tribute to a person very dear to my heart and wanted to share it with all of you!

Into the night, she passed,
to a better place, a place of love and light,
Although, she leaves our sight,
She will never leave our hearts,
Her light and love will remain true,
to thine own heart, it will be familiar, yet new.
Keep the door to your heart open, and you will see and feel her near,
There's no need to fear,
She is different, yes, but one thing that never changes, is her deep love for you!
Written by Angela Elliott

We care about your "Furry" Kids! Check back often for more information on how to have the healthiest pets on the planet.