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Customer Accolades!
More and more amazing stories are coming through in regard to my products. Every day I recieve an e-mail thanking me for having such great products. People are constantly amazed by the fact that they work. The products truly speak for themselves as they really do WORK! If you have a story to tell, please send me your hand written or typed letter, signed by you and a picture if possible. Thank you!

Copy of actual letter sent to me on October 29, 2001
Thank you for filling our order. You are 100% responsible for making our Bichon, Mulligan, healthy again.Her limp from patella problems is gone. She plays like a pup. Her allergies are so much better too, from other meds of yours too. My Vet is impressed! Our prayers are with you. I hope you're feeling much, much better.
Fondly, :)
Copy of another actual letter sent to me om April 2, 2002.
Dear Angela,
Please send me two containers of joint/hip powder. Also please find enclosed a personal check in the amount of $42.95 (2xj/h p @ $18.00 + $6.95 shipping) Please ship to: Dewayne Guyer. (Address left off for safety reasons)
I would like to give you a brief testimonial for your hip/joint product. My then 15 year old cat, Mr. Grey, had first stopped jumping, and then increasingly appeared to have considerable pain in his hindquarters at various times. He went to his vetfor something else, but I had the vet X-Ray his rear end, which showed a significant rupture of his last vertebral disk. This was no doubt the source of his pain. He would hide under the bed in a very tight space all day, and when he needed to move it sounded like he was fighting with another cat. I had some painkillers from the vet visit, but he hated taking them and they seemed to have limited effectiveness.
It was about this time that I bought a small container of something called "Customized Hip/Joint Care" ( now called- Get Hip!) one Wednesday at the El Cajon Farmer's Market. I began mixing a small amountof this powder  into his wet food each day. By being able to put the powder in his food, two problems were solved. Mr. Grey was taking his "medication" and our relationship was improving. Within two weeks, his back pain was clearly reduced. By one month, there was no evidence that he was having any back trouble. except that he still wasn't jumping. I was surprised at his improvement, given that the problem was not really with his joints or hips; I had no expectation that he would ever be able to jump again after I saw rthe X-Ray. So, you can imagine my reaction about four or five months later, when he jumped up on the bed, as if nothing had ever happened. He has been jumpinmg ever since, with only occassional bad days, when he needs to claw his way up.
I was so astounded by the apparent miraculous effectiveness of the Hip/Joint powder that I did some rough tests by leaving it out of his food for a few days at a time to see what the effect would be. It had consistently the same effect. Mr. Greys pain would return. So, there is no doubt that your Hip/Joint powder is a miracle cure for a ruptured disk. You have both my and Mr. Grey's deepest gratitude.
DeWayne Guyer

My dog Casey had severe skin problems and Angela new exactly what to do to help.I would definitely recommend her and her products highly! Maggie Henely-San Diego, CA

The products are amazing especially, the flea program. I put my dogs on it and haven't had to use Advantage at all. I really believe in Angela and her products and feel that they are the best on the market! Debra Y.-San Diego, CA

Angela saved my dog! She is AWESOME. I highly recommend her.
Pamela-San Diego, CA

My cats love the kitty treats! Edward-El Cajon, CA

My dog was so infested with fleas and eggs that he was lethargic and absolutely miserable. Now he is free of fleas and as playful as a puppy! I love Angela's Flea program and I highly recommend it. BJ-San Diego, CA

Our cat ADORES the kitty treats! Shawndra and John-San Diego, CA

Our sweet old dog loves all the dog cookies! Our kids have a hard time staying away from them too. :)Julia-Solano Beach,CA

I love the doggy pizzas!!! Ian Elliott- San Diego, CA

Great products and services! I will recommend you to everyone I know. Your services are fantastic.
Dr. Susan Braven-Tucson, AZ

Angela does an excellent job of taking care of all my cat's needs. I trust her and recommend her highly!
Teresa-Hillcrest, CA