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Marvelous home-made pet food!

Angela's Living dog Food available by special order

Please visit our Farmer Friends, Cahuilla Mountain Farms & Good Faith Farm at the Hillcrest Farmer's Market on Sunday's from 9-1pm. They have wonderful Organic produce!

You will never see a recipe with grains for your pets on this site. Grains are not tolerated by animals and will eventually shorten their lifespans.

*Many of you ask why I don't have the raw meat diets available. I simply feel that we must strive to end all suffering on this planet. Some dogs  thrive on a raw meat diet. At the same time, I have seen dogs live very long and healthy lives on a vegan raw diet. When they die, it is usually of natural causes and they die peacefully. Every animal that I treat is on a meat diet to begin with and is very sick. I treat mostly animals with cancer, lupus and other serious auto-immune disorders.  So, I do know first hand what I am talking about. I have an extensive background in Human and animal nutrition. If your animal has any kind of auto immune problems, meats and dairy are only going to aggravate their condition. The best foods for your pets are raw food diets with lots of fresh and organic veggies!

NEW RECIPES For all you Vegan Raw Fooders out there!!!
Sunflower milk recipe
Take one cup sunflower seeds and soak them in one and a half cup of filtered water for two days, covered. Place sunflower seeds and water in a blender and blend. Voila! You have sunflower milk. Sunflower milk is extremely high in calcium and other good nutrients your cat needs and it is allergy free! :)
Raw Almond Milk
Take 2 cups of raw almonds and soak them in water for up to 12 hours. Blend in blender with two or more cups of water, strain the milk and add it to smoothees. MMMM! Dogs love the left over almond paste. Great source of protein and enzymes, this way nothing goes to waste. :)
Dog Salad My Dog's personal Favorite!
1 leaf swiss chard, red and green, broken into pieces
1 leaf kale, all three varieties are exceptable, broken into pieces
1 leaf beet green, broken into pieces
1 leaf collard green, broken into pieces
1 leaf dandelion green, broken into pieces
1 leaf arugula green, broken into pieces
3 carrots, chopped
2 radishes, chopped
1 avocado
1 rhubarb, chopped
3 slices jicama, peeled and chopped
1/2 red pepper and half yellow pepper chopped

In a bowl prepare all the above and mix well together. Add 1 tablespoon cold pressed olive oil, 1 teaspoon organic garlic powder and a little organic Nama Shoyu (Available at People's Co-op) Please make sure all of the vegetables are organic. Organic vegetables are available in an abundance at People's Co-op in Ocean Beach or at your local Farmer's Markets.
TIP: If you juice a lot, save your pulp and add the almond mush from making almond milk, some greens and a little nama shoyu for taste and you've got a nice meal base for your RAW dog. 
More Vegan raw food recipes coming soon.......

Juice bar

Arthritis Recipe
1/4 inch slice ginger root 
2 stalks celery 
1 apple, seeded 
2 leaves of kale
1/2 cucumber 
push through hopper and serve. You can also give your animal the pulp as a meal mixed with avocado, cosmic oil, cosmic greens, and almond milk.

Itchy skin
1/4 inch slice ginger root
1 kale leaf
1 apple, seeded 
2 cucumber 
handful parsley 

push through hopper

2 inch slice ginger root
1/4 lemon
1 pint water
1 stick cinnamon, broken
4-5 cloves
dash nutmeg or cardamom
juice ginger and lemon. place juice in saucepan, add water, cinnamon and cloves. gently simmer and add nutmeg or cardamom.

2 apples, seeded
1 pear
alternate pushing apple and pear slices through hopper

Check back soon for new juice recipes!!