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Joyful Hands Holistic Pet Care and Bakery

Honest, affordable health care for your "furry" kids! 

"Holistic living is living in harmony with nature as a whole. The more we are removed from nature, the more disharmony, privation and suffering there is in the world".

Dalmatian dog

Here at Joyful Hands, we pride ourselves on offering you the finest, organic, non-gmo, vegan products out there! We are sure you will agree once you try our lovely hand-made delights. Your pet's health is of extreme importance to us. Our treats are #1 with our "furry" customers. We are always thinking of new and exciting flavors to please your kids. Thanks for choosing Joyful Hands for all of your pet's needs.



RAW GOURMET Anti-flea dog treat balls are here!! DELICIOUS!! Call today and get yours while you still can! My dogs keep stealing them!

Coming in September.. GOURMET VEGAN RAW DOG FOOD LINE!!!!

You can now pay with PAYPAL!!!! Go to the order form page for more info.

We have beautiful gift baskets for the "furry" Kids in your life! Please visit our holiday gift basket page for more details.

Ever wonder why it is so important to get those greens down your pet?
Research has brought the following information into light~
Phytochemicals, especially chlorophyll, are truly "wonder-nutrients"! Chlorophyll is only found in plants; specifically green vegetables. Phytochemicals are designed to keep the plants healthy and protect them from environmental pollution, bacteria and other threats. But, they are just as important to humans and animals. Numerous studies confirm that phytonutrients may help prevent cancer, heart disease, arthritis and many other degenerative conditions. Did you know that in order to get plenty of phytonutrients, you should eat at least five servings of fruits and vegetables each day? Have you and your pet had yours today?
Please visit our detailed product and human page to order yours today!



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