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Joyful Hands Organic Raw Anti-Flea Doggy Treat Balls are here!! Order some today! They are delicious, I can't keep up with my dog's demand for them! They keep stealing them before I can get them in packages!! :) Please call me at 619-440-4409 to place your order.  Kitty anti-flea treat balls coming soon!!!
The labels are made and the Raw Dog Food Line is coming out in September. Mark your calendars!!
Our new line of RAW VEGAN DOG FOOD COMING SOON!!!! RAW VEGAN CAT FOOD COMING SOON........... Visit the Raw Dog/Cat food page for more information.
The book Animals and the Afterlife, will be available soon to purchase in bookstores. My story is featured in Kim Sheridan's book. It is a wonderful book! Please visit her website for more information~
Many of you shop at Chauncey's Pet Pantry for your Joyful Hands Product Line. It saddens me greatly to tell you all, our product line is not available at Chauncey's, for the time being.You can still order online or phone in your order. Thank you all for your continued support and loyalty!
We now accept Paypal! Please visit our order form page for more info.

Many of you have often asked me, why Vegan Pet foods?
Besides the obvious cruelty to farm animals, LONG LIFE is my best answer. I finally have some proof for those of you who may not believe my friend's story on our recipe page! Here you go~

27-year-old vegan collie could be world's oldest living dog

A border collie said to be 27 could make it into the Guinness Book of
Records as the world's oldest living dog.

Bramble's owner Anne Heritage says she's still alert and active and
goes for
a walk four times a day near her home in Bridgwater, Somerset.

The 43-year-old says she feeds her a vegan diet of rice, lentils and
vegetables. (Ms Heritage is vegan herself.)

Her partner Roy Franklin takes her swimming once a week at a canine
hydrotherapy pool.

A Guinness spokesman says the dog could be the oldest living and they
keen to examine any application.

The Daily Mail reports Britain's oldest dog was a pedigree papillon
Fred who died at the of 29 in 2000. The world's longest-lived dog was
Australian cattle dog who lived to be just months older than Fred.

Ms Heritage says Bramble nearly died last year after injuring her back
in a
fall, but has become better with the help of the swimming sessions.

She said: "She loves exercise and has a real passion for being
outdoors. She
can be a thorn in my side when she's restless, but it's what keeps her

As featured in May's edition of San Diego magazine!!!
Famous Delectable Doggy Donuts
100% Organic mouth watering fun for dogs!
Only you know they are good for them. They come in a variety of flavors; pizza, cranberry, blueberry, zucchini,carrot,cinnamon,apple, vanilla, carob, peanut,"cheezy", "chicken", spinach and many more!
Doggy Donuts available exclusively online or order by telephone 619-440-4409
New flavors: Garlic Cheezy scones and Maple/Vanilla/peanut! MMMMMMMMMMMMMMMM!

Grooming needs 
I have a great groomer you can visit in North Park.
Yukos Dog Grooming 3928 Iowa St. Phone 619 280 6040.
Yuko is wonderful with dogs and she uses our products!
Dalmatian Joke to brighten your day! :)
A nursery school teacher was delivering a station wagon full
of kids home one day when a fire truck zoomed past. Sitting
in the front seat of the fire truck was a Dalmatian dog.
The children fell to discussing the dog's duties.
"They use him to keep crowds back," said one youngster.
"No," said another, "he's just for good luck." A third child
brought the argument to a close with this comment.
"They use the dogs," she said firmly, "to find the fire hydrant."

Animals make the world a cozier and happier place! Have you hugged your "furry" kid today?

Joyful Hands Product Line is now available at  Noah's Ark Pet Wash and Boutique

Kathy Klein owner of Smile Pet
Anesthesia-free teeth cleaning for dogs and cats provides an expert professional service and gentle care. She is available for cleaning clinics and house calls from San Diego to Los Angeles. Call toll free 1-866-628-9745.

Paws and Claws Pet Sitting Service.
Loving care for your pets while you are away. If interested, please contact Julie Merry at 619-222-3437.
Julie is a delightful and caring person. I highly recommend her. Due to her growing popularity, she may not always be available.
One of my clients recommended a Lady named Stephanie who will stay over night with your pets while you are away. Stephanie's phone number is 619-523-0352.

Unique designer and luxury pet beds and dog beds, made to look like the beds we actually sleep in. Some pet beds can even be personalized with your pet's name!

Check back often! We always have something to say.