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Reiki For Children
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Welcome to Reiki for Children!

We offer delightful Reiki classes designed especially for Children and partially taught by a child.
You will also find Reiki classes for Adults, Reiki treatments, Reiki healing groups and Distance Reiki.
So.. come on in and make yourself at home.

Why Reiki for Children?
Children have an innate desire to heal others and the earth. They are pure beings of love and light. We can heal the earth starting with one child at a time. The children will carry this healing on into adulthood and we will be fostering love and peace on this planet. The time is now to help children empower themselves and others.
Reiki for Children has been a dream of mine for quite some time. I originally, taught children in the same way that I taught adults. The children never really understood Reiki, and because of this rarely used their precious gift. My son and I finally developed a program just for children, written in a child-like manner. Kids love playful, whimsical and enchanting experiences. It is my sincewre hope, that these classes will accomplish this. Most of all, I truly hope the children will want to help heal themselves and the world around them.

What is Reiki?

Reiki, pronounced "ray-key" means Universal Life
Energy. Discovered in Sanskrit Buddhist Sutras by Dr.
Mikao Usui of Japan in the mid-1800s. Reiki is an
ancient system that unlocks the inner flow of vital
energy within the sender and the receiver. It is a
natural healing system that is in perfect harmony with
other healing techniques and practices. It is an
energy support system that acts on its own and in
conjunction with all healing practices. Reiki balances
and energizes meridians and acupuncture points of the
body while gently aligning the major energy or chakra
centers in the body. It is greatly beneficial to all
life forms: Humans, animals, plants, etc. It can
relieve and release stress and tension which is often
associated with disease, illness and crisis, calming
the mind and emotions to provide a positive
environment for healing. Reiki is like breathing, once
it is activated, it is with you always, silently,
gently and powerfully. Our bodies are built on the
constant rhythmic pulsation of our breathing. Reiki is
a connection between you and an infinite supply of
intelligent, vital life force energy. It releases you
from feelings of helplessness and dependency thereby,
empowering you to heal yourself. Reiki is always safe
to use anytime, anyplace and in any situation. It is
easy to learn as it is not taught as ordinary
knowledge. It is an ancient and powerful attunement
process or Initiation that extends beyond time. In a
Reiki class, you will learn in an easy and comfortable
manner how to access and use this powerful and yet
gentle light energy. Reiki creates an essence of
balance and harmony found in nature. It restores,
normalizes, balances and aligns the energy centers of
our bodies, so that we may live a healthier, happier

Here's a picture of Ian, He's been a Reiki Child all his life!

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