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Reiki For Children
Professional Reiki Courses


Benefits of Reiki
Professional Reiki Courses
Reiki Sessions

For Doctors, Nurses, Massage Therapists, Veterinarians, Acupuncturists, and others who are interested in adding Reiki professionally to their practice.

Level 1
Learn to treat yourself and others by opening your natural energy channeling ability through an attunment process. Experience more peace and clarity.
Original Usui Method Certification $200 per person, includes manual and certification. 

Level 2
Learn to send energy deep into the root causes of problems, to clear and transform them at the source, where they began. Learn to send distance sessions to people, relationships and situations.
Original Usui Method Certification $475 per person,  includes manual and certification.

Master's Degree and Master Teacher Trainer levels also available.

e-mail is for class schedule