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Reiki For Children


Benefits of Reiki
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All classes are taught in an intimate setting for the comfort of the children and their parents.We depend on the kindness and generosity of those, who are willing to host Reiki classes in their homes.
If you would like to host a Reiki class in your home, please contact Angela at

Our mission is to offer Reiki to children and their parents at a special rate of $50.00 per person. Keeping the cost low allows more families to take advantage of all that Reiki has to offer. We want to heal the world ONE CHILD AT A TIME. REIKI can help accomplish this.
In order to acheive such a wonderful goal, we need your help.
**Private lessons are $75.00 children and $100.00 adult

Class schedule

Sunday, February 23 in Del Cerro


$50.00 per child includes a child designed manual, attunement, reiki games, and aura coloring book.

Reiki for Parents
$75.00 group
$100.00 for private
Date/time and location to be announced
Reiki for Children Class
March 29th
Class will be held in Poway
Please send a $10.00 deposit to hold your spot.
e-mail us at

Our Reiki for Children program teaches the healing art
of Reiki,how to heal themselves, others, animals and
the earth.

In this program children will learn about Universal
energy, and their connectedness with all living
things.  They will learn that we are all one, equal to
each other and that we are Earth's partners helping to
heal the Earth, her people and her animals, and in
this way gain respect for all life.

Children will learn how to focus and relax and through
art and visualization, how to tap into their own
creativity and joy.

Reiki for Children