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New Products for December
First off, let us begin by letting you know that we now have a holiday gift idea section for all your shopping needs! We have everything from chocolates and sweets to great winter gloves for your holiday gifts. Why go out and shop amongst the crowds when you can save time, money and resouces by getting your holiday gifts here? You can access this new section from its special link on our front page at or from anywhere within our store, so if you're trying to find that perfect gift this winter look no further!

Now, without further delay, on to the new products!

First, let us start out by letting you know about our great new decadent vegan truffles (pictured at right). These sweets will put a smile on the face of even the most picky truffle fanatic, and whether or not you're a full-blown chocoholic like we are you're sure to love these!

Vegan Tartar Sauce - a unique spread or dip that's great for sandwiches, raw veggies, or just about anything that needs a good spicing up!

Delicious bite-sized vegan cookie boxes - boxes of 15 moist vega cookies that are available in Ginger Molasses, Maple Walnt or Orange Cranberry. Truly unique flavors that are sure to please, and they make great gifts, too.

Peanut Butter Carob Kisses - rich vegan carob surrounds creamy natural peanut butter, all in a great holiday wrap.

Crispy Carob Snowman - the great taste of crisped rice in rich, dark carob in a fun holiday shape!

Chewable Cal-Mint calcium supplement - a great calcium supplement for those who don't like to swallow pills, and it also doubles as a natural antacid to take for upset stomach.

Alfredo Style Macaroni & ChReese - with organic garlic, basil and oregano, this meal is sure to be a new family favorite.

123'z & ChReese - make mealtime educational with these fun numbers with delicious vegan "cheese"!

Dark Chocolate Tender Coconut - Rich, delicious coconut surrounded by decadent dark chocolate makes this a treat to remember.

Chocolate Covered Mints - Rich dark chocolate surrounds crisp peppermint filling in these little mint disks. Never have chocolate and mint gone together so well as they do here!

Chocolate covered raisins - delicious ripe raisins smothered in deep, dark vegan chocolate

That takes care of all our latest additions - we've got more on the way including Maggie's Organics hemp socks, hemp scarves from Ecolution, vegan pound cake mix, and lots of other sweet treats! Also, new shoes styles will be on the way after the holidays.

See all our great new products by clicking here!

Happy Holidays!
We want to wish all of you a wonderful holiday season this year - we've had a wonderful Thankgiving day (with Tofurky, of course!) and we hope all of you did as well.

As always, please be sure to write, call, mail, or contact us any way you prefer with questions, comments, product suggestions, or anything else you'd like us to read. After all, your input is what helps us to serve you as best we can for all your vegan shopping needs. Take care, everyone, and have a wonderful December!

Courtney and Ryan

Save time and money by shopping vegan online!


Decadent Vegan Truffles
Here's a new twist - a delicious vegan truffle that's not only dairy-free, but one that's actually low in calories and fat as well! These truffles are so good, they were even chosen to fill the baskets of the attendees of the 74th annual Academy Awards! Both flavors are sinfully delicious and sure to be a serious contender for your new favorite chocolate treat. Available in Hawaiian Heaven (a mix of macadamia nuts and dark chocolate rolled in moist flaky coconut) or Raspberry Rouge (dark chocolate shell with raspberry preserve filling) and in 3 sizes - 4 piece box ($5.99) 6 piece box ($7.99) or 12 piece box ($14.99).

See these delicious truffles here!



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